from the spectrum's end to end

hello, my name is kamille liza gimony ampong. and most people would call me kaye or kamz. this will be my second tumblr coz like my first account they get all messed up coz forget the passwords among other things.

here I hope to share to the global village my thoughts, my photos and random stuff.

albeit i can see this will most likely be a photo blog coz I'm really hoping they'll give me what they promise soon. :D thank you!

Morning Manila!!! :))
So Zambo friends, cosa el Zamboanga style lechon manok? :)) #ZamboLandinBiñan #ZamboIMiss #Halal
Coffee anything please. :)) Thank you my Forever uyab @oohlalasantiago! ^___^
Sometimes language makes sense when what we feel doesn’t. - Ma’am Ruthie Bear

“I learned that a handwritten letter isn’t a vow. I learned that danger and fear are only figments of the mind. I’ve learned that immaturity and selfishness don’t always go hand in hand. I learned that all feelings are temporary, and that one individual moment is not my whole life.”

—   "There is Beauty in Learning" - Monica Stout (via callherhollywood)

Oh, god.