from the spectrum's end to end

hello, my name is kamille liza gimony ampong. and most people would call me kaye or kamz. this will be my second tumblr coz like my first account they get all messed up coz forget the passwords among other things.

here I hope to share to the global village my thoughts, my photos and random stuff.

albeit i can see this will most likely be a photo blog coz I'm really hoping they'll give me what they promise soon. :D thank you!

Where the are Bananas, there is love. #Chost #Banananananana #MedjAdik
Where there’s Bananas, there’s love. #Banana #MedjAdik #brendaturns50
To a friendship that’s forever hilarious in so many ways, to a friendship that laughs way beyond quota, that talks about life as is, that’s sometimes paranoid due to caffeine overdose! I love and miss you my PinakaHigala, my college partner in crimeS! @joshaguilo22 #friendship #BGC #Paranoia
Love this Starbucks 6750 interior, very cozy. @long05 and I think that this branch is the first Starbucks in the Philippines! Hehe! :)) Est. 1997. #Starbucks #Coffee #6750Makati #brendaturns50

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”

—   Ernest Hemingway (via psych-facts)